Giving Back/ Community

TherapySouth is proud to be partnered with the following organizations in an effort to give back to those in need.

Steve Receives Football from UAB Coach Bill Clark
Steve receiving a football from UAB Coach Bill Clark at National Alumni Society Spirit Luncheon that we sponsored today!

Steve receiving a football from UAB Coach Bill Clark at National Alumni Society Spirit Luncheon that we sponsored today!
TherapySouth at the Urban Purpose 5k Run
September 7, 2016
Tornado Clean-Up-Pratt City

Following the April tornado's last year, TherapySouth had the opportunity to help with clean-up several weekends in the Pratt City area. Working with other volunteers, we met at the Sandusky Church of Christ and were deployed in smaller groups cut trees, pick-up debris, salvage property and encourage local residents. What a great day to serve those in need! We were all blessed as a result of this effort.

TherapySouth Partners With Arrington Middle School

In 2011, TherapySouth began a local "adopt a school" type partnership with Arrington Middle School, located in the West End of section Birmingham. There are several ways that we serve the students and faculty of Arrington. One way is through teaching the Junior Achievement curriculum to two eighth grade classes over several months. We also provided a Teacher Appreciation Lunch in May of 2011 in honor of all staff members. Our ongoing Weekend Food Project takes the help of all TherapySouth employees at one time or another. Every month a different clinic volunteers to shop, pack eighty bags and deliver to the school what we call our Weekend Food Project. This process began when the principal and counselor identified twenty students that participate in the free breakfast and lunch program but eat little to nothing over the weekend. Bags are distributed discreetly to students on Friday afternoons. In May 2012, we will sponsor a girl's track meet and provide support, awards and fun time with these students. What began as a "hands on care, close to home" opportunity (as our slogan says) is now very close to our hearts.

TherapySouth employee Suzanne Moore
shopping for food to donate.
TherapySouth employees Chris and Mary load the car with bags to deliver two weeks worth of weekend meals for 20 Arrington students.
Greater Birmingham Ministries
Greater Birmingham Ministries Greater Birmingham Ministries Greater Birmingham Ministries

TherapySouth has had the opportunity to partner with Greater Birmingham Ministries since 2008. We have 1-2 food drives every year at all our locations to help stock the pantry for those in need. We are also involved with the Christmas toy drive. This is another wonderful opportunity to help under-privileged children in our city.

GBM is an expression of the commitment to social justice and to mercy and compassion for all which is found in the core beliefs of these faith communities. The faith, prayers and generosity of these groups, along with the support of many other groups, congregations and individuals, make GBM's work possible. GBM's initial focus on responding to poverty and building faithful community relationships for all people continues to guide its work today.

During its history, volunteers and staff working through GBM have assisted thousands of area residents and have worked closely with low-income individuals and neighborhoods. Many times that has meant meeting immediate needs, such as food, clothing or assisting families with expenses for rent, power, gas, water, medicines, and transportation.

University of Alabama at Birmingham Annual Scholarship

TherapySouth is proud to offer this annual scholarship to be awarded to a deserving physical therapy student in their second year of the doctoral program.

The Bana Project of Lesotho

The Bana Project of Lesotho is a humanitarian organization working on behalf of orphaned and vulnerable children.

The core focus of The Bana Project of Lesotho from their inception has been the weekly food outreach. We began by feeding 25 to 30 orphans a week through a grass-roots community network supervised by committees organized in the various villages. Now there are over 1,800 orphans registered with our program in some 28 villages outside of the capital city of Maseru. We provide direct care for these orphans who continue to live within their own villages.

The Bana Project seeks to not only provide regular hot meals in the village areas most affected, but also provides blankets, shoes and school uniforms and supplies to the registered orphans. We also are in the process of establishing an agricultural program to teach gardening, farming, and animal husbandry to the orphans and the Village Committees who oversee the direct care of the orphans in each village.

Bana means children in the Sesotho language. Bana: the children of Lesotho, Africa, who need real care! Bana: the life-giving focus of a project which now cares for hundreds of AIDS orphans, leveraging indigenous networks for critical training and care.